Monday, July 5, 2010

Hope Everyone Had a Happy 4th of July!

We had a great day! We went to a parade at Nana's house. It is such a quaint little neighborhood parade that goes right in front of her house with the kids dressing up their bikes and riding them down the street with a small marching band, fire trucks , police and a lawn chair march which was hilarious! Then I had family over for a BBQ. Nana babysat and my husband and I went fishing! Yes fishing! He bought some bait and it was a total surprise! I love to fish and did well at it when I was younger down the Cape! We got a couple hits but no fish. However I had to fish for two cd's that fell off the jetty deep into the rocks. I was successful with Cj's favorite Backyardigan's CD (thank god!) but my husbands music CD by Morphine was lost...oh well! We ended the night with the Salem fireworks at the beach! I am tired today...time for a nap!