Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We Ordered Cj's New Wheels!

We got the....New Quickie Zippie Iris in Blue Opal to match his eyes! I like how it is light weight and love the way it handles. Most of all I liked the way Cj looked in it and he made a little smile when he sat in the chair! He told me which chair he liked!

So the nightmare is over! I will post pictures when we get it. It can take up to four months.

Next is the bed issue. I was going to get the $6000.00 Sleep Safe bed. Thank goodness I did not because of his new diagnosis it would not of worked. But any kiddos with Cp it is one of the best! I know alot of kids using them.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Video you have to see: That Annoying Kid

Video you have to see: That Annoying Kid

This is a great video of a boy with autism and an amazing young group of kids! It really is a must see. More children and people with special needs have to be exposed in public so our kids will be more accepted in the world! The schools are helping but it is not enough!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Graduate!

Yes Ryan Graduated from Preschool today!

It was bitter sweet. Of course I cried! He was a little nervous but did a great job! He is going to miss his classmates and teachers but is really looking forward to Kindergarten and making new friends. Now it is time for summer camp! My baby grew up so fast!
He is now a big boy!

Christopher has a graduation at the end of the summer as well!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Fun, Gardening and the IPAD?

We have had the wackiest weather lately! Tornado warnings, thunderstorms, hale warnings, sun one moment rain the next. Really scary!

However Memorial Day weekend was fabulous! Great weather, lots of BB Q's, pools and beach with friends and family! This a picture of Ryan. My engineer in waiting making a floatation device for our neighbors dog! He is something!

The storms began after the long weekend and have finally stopped! I love to garden and am fortunate that a little old lady lived in our home years ago and the soil is rich and many of her flowers are still in bloom. I have added many flowers to the garden from an old estate nearby. They grow clippings and the flowers are amazing. I will post some as they bloom! So I am finally back in the garden! I picked some roses and peonies before the last storm and they are amazing! They get ruined after heavy rain so I was glad to save some!

I am also thinking of getting the IPAD for Cj! I have seen so many special needs kids doing very well with them. Some of my friends say to wait for the new model coming out soon. What do you think? I am going to show his school some video clips of some great progress with some of my blogger friends kids!

Maybe they will get one for the school after seeing them.

On another note Cj will be test driving the Quickie Iris next Wednesday. I will keep you posted!