Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We Ordered Cj's New Wheels!

We got the....New Quickie Zippie Iris in Blue Opal to match his eyes! I like how it is light weight and love the way it handles. Most of all I liked the way Cj looked in it and he made a little smile when he sat in the chair! He told me which chair he liked!

So the nightmare is over! I will post pictures when we get it. It can take up to four months.

Next is the bed issue. I was going to get the $6000.00 Sleep Safe bed. Thank goodness I did not because of his new diagnosis it would not of worked. But any kiddos with Cp it is one of the best! I know alot of kids using them.


  1. Hooray for Cj and his new wheels. May God continue to bless you all with wisdom , peace, and his unfailing love!

  2. I know lots of people who are happy with the Iris. Can't wait to see some pictures of him in it.

  3. Me, too! Looking forward to seeing the new wheels! Barbara