Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Whirlwind Summer!

Our summer plans for the most part did not pan out at all. My husband had to end his business due to China. He has had a very successful plastics manufacturing business for 25 years. It took him all summer working every day to shut it down. This week it will be a reality. We really had to buckle down with expenses so family vacations were not going to happen this summer.

I made sure we still had lots of fun! Ryan went to a summer day camp at the beach for 6 weeks and made lots of new friends. Cj went to summer school for six weeks and in between we lived at the beach or friends pools. Thankfully the beach is basically one block from us and we have three beautiful beaches to pick from that are in walking distance. We also had lots of fun in the new van...but my god it cost a fortune for gas in these huge conversion vans!!!

While the boys were in school and camp I helped a friend open a new gift shop downtown! I helped design and decorate the shop, which is right up my alley. I am now working on my artwork to sell and I am also working at the store now 3 days a week. I love it!

Cj has had a tough summer with this new diagnosis. His behavior was off the charts, trying to hurt himself more and others at school. We brought him into Children's Hospital and they put him on a anti-anxiety medication that has made a world of difference! He is calmer and more alert, just in time for our eye gaze trial at Children's Communications lab next week. I can't wait, as I am keeping my fingers crossed that we find something that will work. I know we will, he has been practicing for 3 years and he is ready. When I told him where we were going and what for he beamed and laughed so hard I cried!

Both Ryan and Cj have grown like weeds over the summer! Ryan loves first grade and is doing fantastic academically. He is great with numbers, must take after my Dad. Cj loves school too, he is just frustrated because of his lack of words. Watch out everyone, just you wait and see!

I will keep you all posted on his trial and what we come up with! My husband has some great connections and is looking into many great offers. I know he will find the right fit! I am looking forward to many new beginnings.