Friday, February 25, 2011

Eye Gaze Device!

I have not posted for quite awhile, as I have been too busy! So here is an update.
Cj has a fabulous new Speech Therapist this year, Sarah! She has been working very hard training him for the Dynavox. He is doing really well, recognizing the symbols and communicating his feelings, food choices, toy choices and choosing computer or book time! I have been pushing the school for a few years to REALLY start training him, and I found a gem! He told her a few weeks ago he was uncomfortable, staring at the uncomfortable symbol for at least 3 seconds, she then took him out of his old wooden chair and put him on the floor and he smiled! She saw a red mark on his back (not too bad, but still!) and fixed the padding! She was ecstatic that he was able to tell her he was uncomfortable through the eye gaze book she is using. She called me, and of course I was thrilled! So, needless to say they are going to get a Dynavox to trial! Cross your fingers, I think he is sooo ready!
As most of you know Cj has his new wheel chair and is loving it! I still do not know if I like his headrest, not enough support for the bus. We are working on it, everything is trail and error! We had a little problem at home a couple days ago, when I backed up the chair a few parts and bolts fell off! I had a rep come out today to fix and tighten all bolts...this should not of happened on a $8,500 wheel chair! Thank goodness he was home on vacation and not on the bus!
The conversion van will be here in two weeks, just in time for spring (please NO MORE! I am so excited, freedom, museums, beaches, parks, visits with friends and maybe a trip to Canada (if business picks up)! We will see...
Ryan is doing fabulous in kindergarten, he is reading now and was the second to make the 100 club (count to 100)! He is all boy and such a character, the class clown, I am afraid to say! He likes to be the leader too! He had a a little problem at first, wanting a lot of attention. I believe it may be due to not being able to play like he wants to with his brother and all of a sudden he has 20 kids to play with everyday! We worked on it, and he is doing great now. I love the way he treats other children. He can relate to so many different personalities and is very sensitive to a shy persons needs or a special needs child. He will start T- ball or soccer in the spring! We are so proud of both boys!

I will post some photos of Cj and his new van as soon as we get it!


  1. So pleased to hear about Cj's dynavox and the progress, that's so amazing. I have my fingers and toes crossed for you and Cj. My daughter is in Kindergarten too this year. looking forward to seeing the Van's photos.



  2. Thanks Mel! I am thrilled that he is doing so well with the training...thanks to Sarah. Oatie is so cute, and seems to be doing very well with ABR! I would love to see a picture of your daughter,I bet she is just as cute! I will post pic's of the Van as soon as we get it!


  3. I am so happy that you have a great speech therapist for Cj...we always seemed to strike out with the one's that we had work with Adam. If the ST is familiar with Dynavox, you will be really pleased with the's the best of what is out there for assistive communication.

    Nice chair!! Ever notice that the cost of equipment for our kids is about 10,000% higher that the cost of materials to make it? I have always been amazed at the costs of equipment for kids with handicaps...making money off the most vulnerable population.

    You will love the conversion van. We are on #3; including the one we "lost" at the Quality Inn in Laval, Montreal? The good olde days....

    Warmest wishes to all!!

  4. I am very happy for you and Cj, too! Worth the wait on this newsy post! Barbara

  5. Thank you,

    we are thrilled, I really give most of the credit to his new speech therapist. I will keep you posted on his progress.

    Phil, The van should be here in a week or two. We go down the Cape at least a couple times a year, one of my favorite places on earth. We would love to stop in for a visit. I will call you and make plans. We have not seen you for a couple years, and I would love to see Adam! I do miss seeing Leonid, they were the good olde days... Can't believe we went to Canada four times a year. Ryan grew up there, he used to ask if we were going to ABR once a week for

  6. Dynavox and that you found a good speech therapist. The technology they have now is amazing! It means everything to our kids. Ryan got a new Dynovox this year too and is doing very well with it. He can use the touch screen and typed the other day - "Athena girlfriend" I said oh, do you like playing with her or do you think she is cute? He typed "cute" and gave me a great big smile! It made me laugh but also wonder, what else does he think about that I don't know. He's only 10 - girls already? Really?! (from Sue Kelly)

  7. Sorry, it cut off the first part of my post. It said I am glad that CJ is doing so well with the Dynavox

  8. Kenny tested on the Tobii Ceye. He doesn't have one for home yet, but is borrowing one for school. He does great. He can't communicate at all. His hands and fingers are pretty useless too since he can't grasp anything, so no ipods or ipads will work for him. I think Kenny's frustration levels will decrease with the ceye so he can tell us what is wrong.

    So glad that Cj is using his dynavox and can use the ipad. It's so hard to find fun stuff for our boys. Looks like he enjoys playing on the ipad.