Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dennesen Hospital

This is nurse Lisa, I have been on call now since 1am Friday with Ryan. He has one heck of a tummy virus, one like I have never seen before. Both my kids have been so darn healthy, I am not used to this (knock on wood). Poor Ryan has not had a bite to eat since, only liquids. I have been using so much Clorox and Lysol all around the house I thought Cj would be OK...wrong. I think we are all doomed. I heard oil of oregano can help, so I have hubby going to the local health food store.
I had a dinner party planned for Sunday...I don't think so! Have you tried oil of oregano, and does it work? I hope so!


  1. Uh, yeah!! It's a great natural anti-bacterial and probably anti-viral. It does work, but smells and tastes terrible. I would dilute in lots of juice.

  2. The bottle said "Keep away from Children"? I will save it for Chris Sr. and myself, as it was not liquid form. I did buy stomach rescue from Peaceful Mountain, but for $19.99 for 4 doses???
    I do think it helped for the throwing, but $20???