Friday, June 3, 2011

Cj's 8 years old!

I can not believe Cj is eight years old and Ryan is six. He had the best time at his Birthday party, the best party yet! He is getting to be such a socialite compared to many years of crying and just wanting the party over. He does not want any party to stop now! As you can see, Ryan now insist on wearing a suit jacket and dress shirt to all Birthday parties. Too funny, he takes after his Papa!

Life really does go by quickly, so this summer I plan on having lots of fun! We have the van now so life really is easier. Both boys are out of school in a couple weeks. Ryan has camp in early July and August and is going to give soccer camp a shot! Cj has only 4 weeks off from school so I am planning some trips. I am planning a three day camping trip in Maine or New Hampshire. My husband hates to rough it, but I want the kids to try sleeping in a tent, looking at the stars, cooking marshmallow's, fishing and then hopefully eating some fresh fish on the grill. I will try to find a camp ground with a shower and toilet for hubby. However, I still think we will end up in a hotel! We also plan to spend a couple weekends in Maine with my sister in law and most definitely a couple trips to Cape Cod.

One of my favorite places on earth is Chatham, down the Cape, where I spent most of my summers growing up. We have friends to visit and many place to go where I reflect on some of the best memories of my life. We also plan on fishing, shopping, lots of beach time and eating at some great places. Someday I hope to buy a small place in or near Chatham. It's a dream, but you can dream and sometimes they do come true!


  1. Lisa, life sounds good - You mention having fun many times. CJ and Ryan look great, happy, healthy. Don't you love it when love becomes a bit easier? - wheelchair vans, emotional breakthroughs, vacations, the Cape (yeah!!!)- Chatham is indeed beautiful - shoreline is magnificent. I can understand why you love it. I just wanted to let you know that your joy makes me smile. Love to you all.

  2. The kids look absolutely great!!! Don't forget that we are on the way to Chatham....I also absolutely hate roughing it. You could not get me into a tent for all the money in the world...a nice Sheraton or Hilton with all the amenities...makes life bearable.

  3. Wow what a fabulous Birthday, it looks like such an amazing day. And that we both have 8 year olds a few weeks apart and 6 year old each too!

    The photos are brilliant and made me smile lots too. I'm so happy that the van is going strong and funny enough I was saying this evening... how we might pitch a tent in our garden and cook on our fire pit... to see what JJ makes of it.

    I love tent camping...the rougher the better, sleeping under the stars is just amazing, the best times were Australia and Luxembourg when I was a teen... (and didn't care as much for comfort lol) (England wasn't so great it rained)

    I love how you're getting to explore now and so looking forward to seeing your upcoming vacation pictures, so happy for your all, your family is beautiful xxx

  4. Everyone, Thank you!

    Sharon and Phil, I will call you to let you know when we will be down. You are top on the list of places to visit!!!

    Mel, Our kiddo's are so close in age! I'm much older than you though(not in spirit)!

    Did you pitch your tent? How fun and a good idea! I should do a trial in our backyard just to make sure it will work (for hubby, he said one I love to rough it too!

    Wow, camping in Australia and Luxembourg must of been wonderful! As I told you my good friend Valda is from England, you guys get many more hoilday's than we do. She has been to the same spots. I will post pic's of our adventures, woods (or hotel), Maine and the Cape!

    Both of your families are beautiful as well!

    Love and hugs xoxo to all!

  5. HI
    My name is Jenna and I came across your site. CJ is an amazing, courageous, strong and determined fighter. He is an inspirational hero. Looks like you have a fun summer planned. I was born with a rare life threatening disease. I love it when people sign my guestbook.

  6. Happy Belated birthday to CJ!
    I can't believe how old they are either, Lisa! Doesn't seem very long ago when you and Chris were first dating!!!
    Hope you are all doing well. I think of you often.
    Thanks for the comments on my blog. I don't have ready-to-wear garments just yet, too busy with everything else. Maybe next year?
    Love and hugs to you all,
    H xxxx