Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jonathan Burke Foundation Fund

Thanks to ABR and the Jonathan Burke Foundation we were accepted for a $2000.00 fund to help pay for ABR! Thank you Lula and Annie! We feel honored and hope to raise more soon so we can continue ABR.

We also need to start looking into a new handicap accessible vehicle with a ramp for Christopher. He is just getting too big for us to get him in and out of our current vehicles!

We have some great friends helping us organize a couple of fund raisers! We will keep you posted!

I have to run. I have two monkey's on my back.....Ryan and Cj. It is too nice out too be in. Out we go....

P.S. (I posted the foundation blog)


  1. Hi! Nice to "meet" you! My son is a CJ too and we call him that sometimes! My brother is actually a CJ as well--it's kind of a family thing.

    So glad you will be able to continue with ABR--I really feel it has done such wonders for my son.

  2. Yay for the good news on funding!

    And thanks for posting the link (to the right) on ABR, another TLA (three letter acronym). It's great to be able to keep up on your progress.

    Uncle Tom

  3. Hi Lisa and Chris...
    If your looking for financial help in MA for treatment, vehicle or home modification, additional help with aides or even MassHealth Premiums, try
    The MA Catastrophic Illness in Children Fund, they are very helpful.
    Best wishes,

    Phil Dzialo (Adam's dad)