Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wheelchair Clinic

Christopher had a wheelchair clinic on Wednesday! We think we are going to get the X-Panda by Snugseat with the multi position frame. It is so confusing because there are sooo many options for accessories. But he seemed really comfortable in the chair and it is pretty good looking to boot.
I think we will go for the Blue seat with Silver frame or Black seat with Blue frame or Red frame. Everyone who helped, his PT, OT and the two reps made the X-Panda an easy choice! We have looked at quite a few and I like all the options available with this chair.

Sorry about the lousy picture! You can view at

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  1. I went on a bender and researched like a million different wheelchairs and finally realized that they're mostly the same with a few differences here and there. I felt a lot better when I realized that--you just get a chair and then fiddle with it til it works.