Saturday, April 24, 2010

Back to square one.....

The wheelchair rep came by and the X-Panda will not work for us. I am so frustrated I can't stand it. My first pick the Thevo Twist chair I want I can not find a rep to get it! The second chair the Kids Rock does not come in his size. Now this chair the X-Panda is sooo heavy I can barely push it up our ramp and he sits too high. Now what....??? I have two great reps helping me. However their companies do not work with Exomotion who makes the Thevo Twist. I am going to call Children's Hospital Monday and see if they can help me get the Thevo Twist to demo.


  1. Have you tried contacting exomotion yourself? they might be able to point you to someone who can help.

  2. When my daughter was having infantile spasms,ACTH, the drug that stopped them, could not be purchased through the hospital. We tried a different drug for seven weeks and her spasm only got worst. Eventually we were given a prescription for ACTH, but were told we had to get it on our own. It was over 20k PER 5ML. We contacted the Co. that made it. We had the drug in 3 days at the tune of 40 dollars for 30 ml. - our insurance covered it. Try contacting exomotion. God works in amazing ways.

  3. I hope things are going well with Christopher and family. God bless,