Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I would not take no for an answer.......

I have wanted to demo the Thevo Twist chair the first time I saw it.

After having called Exomotion in Seattle WA at least 5 times over two years and begging local medical supply companies to get this chair for me to demo I gave up. It is not Exomotion! They were great! It is of course the money factor between the insurance companies and the supply companies.

We have tried over six other chairs and they just were not right. Too heavy, robotic looking or just plain old ugly and uncomfortable for my son. So frustrating.

Well...a friend from ABR told me she received this chair a couple months ago and LOVES it! Another contact from Germany told me she knows of families with children with LND that are VERY happy with this chair.

So I told myself I am going to make this work. Having been in sales for many years I have no problems talking to anyone, including the president of ANY company!

I called a major medical supply company in MA that is all over the states and told them I have a contact number and a name at the their corporate office. I told them I will call them myself. They told me they have never heard of the chair or the company. The chair is only two years old and is very popular out in the western sates and in Europe.

Well guess what! I got a call back two hours later from a rep who contacted Exomotion and I have a demo coming next Tuesday to his school!

I am so excited because now other children with LND, CP and many other conditions may benefit from this chair in the New England area. It has a new dynamic back like no other chair. It calms the child with sensory input. It weighs only 42lbs, comes with lots of options and has a high low base for home and school.

.......So it looks like a stroller. He is seven and I do not want him to feel like he is a toddler so this was a big issue with me. Christopher can not propel himself period. This does not bother me anymore. Some people even suggested we get a chair with the big wheels to make him look more independent. A regular wheelchair.

Most do not have the options he needs. He is who he is. My happy blued eyed Christopher who brightens every waking day of many peoples lives.

I think it is a cool looking chair and I hope this demo is a done deal!!!

I just wish things were easier for the kids and parents who need it most.


  1. Hooray for Christopher and his new ride! Thank you Jesus for answered prayers! Hooray for your fighting spirit and all the good it will bring to others! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I've heard SO many good things about that chair. Unfortunately, like you said, it doesn't have the big wheels. I really want Charlie to at least get to "try" the big wheels. Still, it's supposed to be excellent. I hope you'll take tons of pictures/videos/whatever to share with everyone.

  3. Good luck for the test with the stroller. People will ask in any case, doesn't matter if Christopher uses a real wheelchair or a stroller. And the strollers are probably a bit more comfortably for the kid. But anyways, once you got the stroller (hopefully the Thevo Twist) trough, you may have time to check out a wheelchair with big wheels. Our kids need both, I think. I uploaded a video with Janek is his wheelchair on myspace

  4. I backtracked to this post to leave a message after reading your post on how disappointed you were with the chair. I am very sympathetic with the difficult process to compare products and see all the choices.

    I did several posts on wheelchairs last year. All are linked in a box in the middle column of my blog. Wishing you the better luck with your quest for a chair for Cj.

    Barbara, PT, OT

  5. Hello, I do not agree with the previous commentator - not so simple