Monday, May 24, 2010


Christopher decided on a pirate theme last minute! We had a crowd of 35 friends and family! He and all the kids had a blast!

We had a barbecue and lots of cake and ice cream!

Christopher was very spoiled and it was well deserved with everything he is going through!

He enjoyed the cake as you can see!

Lots of cute little girls and boys!

I can not believe he is seven!

This is his original crown from better than normal!

I have 3 boys (including hubby) so figured if they are good for a day they can wear the king for the day crown and get a surprise or on their B-Day!

I made the pirate logo and put it on the reversed side to go with the party! They are great gifts!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Christopher! May God continue to bless and heal you.