Thursday, May 13, 2010

A New Form Of Communication!

As many of you know I am training Christopher to use an eye gaze communication device. I have the Tobii C12 or Dynavox in mind. They may have some different ideas. I will try them all!

We are going to Children's Hospital to their communication center. They have all the newest equipment and they will work with us to see if he qualifies for one of them. Just to let you know I was told Easter seals is a great source for communication needs! There are many other organizations for funding as well. I will post a list soon as I have a great connection!

Well I am pleased to announce he can shut his eyes now for a couple of seconds to say YES! I have only worked with him for a few days and HE GOT IT! We also use our hands to make choices. I make him stare at the proper choice twice and he must stare for at least a couple seconds to get what he wants. I will say apple for right hand and banana for left. He has perfected this when making food choices. I will test him sometimes to make sure he is making the appropriate choice. They are also training him at school with pictures and multiple choices.

Still waiting for the chair to arrive!!! I will keep you posted!


  1. Yea Christopher! Praise God for your advances and your continued healing!

  2. Great progress! Want to see his chair.