Wednesday, May 26, 2010

my wheelchair nightmare goes on :(

I have decided to use Christopher's nickname Cj on my post.
The moment they put Cj in the chair he hyper extended and was miserable! He looked at me with a pout and told me with his eyes this is not the one! He started bawling his eyes out! I could not even take a picture he was so sad!

The chair was light weight but it moved too much for my liking. All the parts rattled...? He moved too much in the chair and was not positioned well! I really needed to try this chair because so many Moms have told me they have liked it for many reasons.

I think Cj would of broken this chair in one week with his strength. It had alot of PLASTIC components on it!

I thanked the rep for all his hard work. He could tell he was a little irritated. I felt horrible because I made such a stink to get this chair to trial! I told Tracey his pt that I was going to go up and down the hallways once again to look at the other children's chairs. Quickies, quickies everywhere!

Bob my other rep just happened to come around the corner and we have decided to try the Quickie Iris in June.

I am kind of a perfectionist and I want the best for my kiddos!

Am I being too picky or maybe deep down I just do not want a wheelchair even though I know he needs one.


  1. I'm sorry it didn't work out. I know one ABr family that is very happy with the Iris and another family has ordered it for their son. Maybe that will be the one?!?

  2. I am so sorry it did not work out. it sounds as if Cj did hot like the chair either, so I do not think you were being too picky about it. I pray the next one will be better and I am glad that Bob was in the hall when you were there. May God continue to bless you with help, knowledge and peace.

  3. Lucky you were able to get a demo. Sorry it does not work for Cj.

    I read in a previous post that you said that the kids rock wheelchair does not come in Cj size? A month ago, my son's wheelchair was delivered, a Kids Rock size 2. My son is 5.5yrs old. I love it and my son loves it too. Not as light as the thevo twist but lighter than the X-panda. The kids rock is very easy to maneuver. I hope my son can get good use of this chair for 5 years.
    The kids rock has size 3 too. Cj is 7 yrs old. If you don't mind me asking....I wonder why you said that the kids rockdoes not come in Cj's size.


  4. Thannks for stopping by the site. The girls are doing well. God bless.

  5. Dear Lisa,

    I am sorry that the chair doesn't work. If I understand the website right, the chair is flexible in his back? Actually, the family in germany does not have the Thevo Twist, but the EASyS from Thomashilfen (Exmotion), sorry for the confusion. This might be somewhat different. And as I said, we have a chair similar to the Kimba Spring from Otto Bock. Don't give up to test the strollers and wheelchairs.


  6. I too tried the Thevo for my daughter and was surprised at it's size and the adjustments. I was so excited about it and pushed for it but it turned out not to be ideal. i am looking into a BINGO chair that is supposed to be good. I so get it........I don't want the cahir either so that is part of my issue!