Thursday, August 5, 2010

The little blue chair...

Christopher had a little blue feeding and activity chair I bought at Babies R Us when he was only 9 months old. Little did I know that he would be using this chair up until the age of 6! Not only was this his activity and feeding chair it was his hanging out with his brother chair, TV chair, beach chair, grooming chair, coloring and learning chair, ABR therapy chair...the list goes on! He went through 5 little blue chairs.

Today I finally threw out his last little blue chair! It was so worn and broken. I had a little cry bringing this little piece of equipment out to the trash that only cost us $29.99. This was the most useful piece of equipment we have used so far!

I went into the living room and looked at his new $800.00 tomato chair. Great looking but he does not even like this chair! It got me thinking once again. What is wrong with the equipment system? The prices for everything our special kids need is sky rocket!! The insurance companies get away with so much! They target special needs parents and the medical supply companies. We are stuck in such a tough position that is just not fair. I am fighting for four very expensive pieces of necessary equipment at the time. Equipment that will help him have a much better life and I know it will take forever to get. Why can't we just go to Special Needs R Us?

God I will miss that little blue chair!


  1. Oh that is so true!! Our best pieces of equipment are also off the shelf items or bodgied-up home jobbies, love the idea of a Special Needs R Us! Just one would do, with online shopping and free shipping world-wide, oh and free trials & a money-back guarantee!

  2. That would be Wonderful:)))

  3. I am sympathetic and have felt the pain of waiting for funding.

    I hope the Tomato chair becomes more meaningful to CJ and useful to your family.