Thursday, August 26, 2010


Cj has been doing so well with his new mouth guards (two different sets) in school and at home. I did not think we would be going down this road again so soon. Let alone before school starts with a new teacher next week!
I am so worried about him! Last Wednesday I noticed he was really working his mouth with his tongue and his loose top tooth! I know this is normal for kids. Thursday he was not watching TV or playing just trying to get to his tooth and trying to bite his lip. I called our wonderful dentist and he told us to come in the next day (Friday at 8:00 am) and he would pull his top two baby teeth.
Well Thursday night at 3 am I woke up to a bloody mess. He figured out how to bite his lip over the guard (the Lesch Nyhan kicked in). His lip is a mess! My husband suggested to put in the first guard the dentist made and it worked...but only for a few days. He had his teeth pulled Friday am and he did a great job tolerating the whole procedure. The old guard was still working. On Sunday night he went wild trying and succeeding in biting the lower lip with the old guard the dentist made. I had to put the first mouth guard that I made him back on Sunday night. I took one of the newest guards and put some masking tape on the front of it to bump the bottom lip out and it worked for about 3 hours until it got too soggy and fell out. I called the dentist and they are going to try a new guard to bump the lip out.
We were going to go to the Cape for a few days of rest before school starts but had to cancel. He is just too uncomfortable.

Please pray we will get the new guard and it will WORK before next Wednesday when he starts kindergarten!


  1. So sorry to read about this latest issue! Hope it is resolved soon. Barbara

  2. Lord, bless Cj and rain your ealing power down upon him. Help him to stop biting himself and make him more comfortable. Bless his dentist, and make his movements your movements as he makes a new mouthguard before Wednesday. Bless Cj's wonderful family with Your patience and wisdom. Help them to help Cj's healing bear fruit. Bless us all with faith as we support each other in these times of crisis. We ask this in Jesus' name. Amen

  3. Thank you Joey! We need all the prayers we can get! They are helping! He is doing much better!

  4. Dear Lisa,

    I am very sad to hear this.
    We had a similar situation a few years ago and we used a hot glue gun to modify the mouthguard, preventing that Janek can bite his cheeks. We had to do so in the time before we got a new mouthguard.