Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Guess who is talking?

Fall is here in New England and both boys are in school full time and loving it so far! Ryan does not love getting up at 6am but he is adjusting. Poor little guy has to get on his bus at 6:45am and has been a trooper. Cj has been waking up for school at 4am...ouch! This results in napping for an hour at school which is not good! But the last two days he has managed to sleep in until 5:30am! (Yay!)

When we woke up today Cj said HELLO (perfectly) I said HELLO back. He laughed. Then his brother Ryan came into the room and Cj laughed again and said RYYYYY! Ryan laughed and could not believe his ears! He just kept saying did you hear that Mommy! Then I said I love you and Cj said IIIIIIIIIII WUV YOU back! I would of kept on going all day but we had to get up and get ready for school. Hopefully this will continue!
I don't know folks but maybe just maybe this is a new beginning for a speech breakthrough...some real words! I have been hearing him say Ma loudly the last couple weeks when he needs something. He has said drink, wawa (water) more, wuv ya and ya (yes) in the past but nothing like this. He also has been trying to verbalize his choices lately too. Maybe his new speech therapist has a trick up her sleeve or maybe his brain is waking up? I am going to contact his speech therapist and see what she has to say about this new development!

All I can say is that we are thrilled!


  1. Thrilled with you!


  2. Hooray for Cj. Thank you Jesus!

  3. Lisa! - I am so excited for you AND given that I have a silent son I KNOW what a big deal those words are. Made my cry - you deserve this joy!

  4. Thank you Sharon! He is trying so hard and we are so proud of him! Ryan is thrilled...lol Lets just hope it continues!

  5. Oh, that made me tear up. That's so wonderful!